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LevelLok Monopod


The Levellok Monopod, is an ALL-in-One shooting system for stabilizing your weapons, (including a crossbow), and optics. The versatility of the Monopod gives you a rock solid rest no matter which type of hunting style you choose- on the ground, or in a tree stand. It is very lightweight at 12 ounces and durable enough to be used as a hiking stick. It has adjustable flip-tab cams that prevents the leg from collapsing in cold weather temperature and makes it easy to adjust. It collapses to 23” making it easy to carry with the shoulder strap. It can also fit nicely in a backpack or a suitcase. It comes with a hiking handle, base plate (for tree stand applications), and a Deluxe V-cradle.


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Deluxe V-Cradle:  Provides excellent gripping power on stock of gun. Ideal for any rifle,shotgun, or handgun, or crossbow. The cradle can be removed to expose integrated camera mount adapter.

Hiking Handle:  Can be used in place of V-Cradle for walking & hiking applications.

Wrist Strap: Adjustable, super heavy-duty, multi-layer nylon material is used to provide the perfect safety strap wrist attachment for our monopod, especially when using it as a walking stick.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap :  elastic: comfortably secures unit to body.

Quiet Foam Grip:  Assures comfort and silent handling, even in cold weather.

Adjustable “Flip-Tab” Cams:  Make for easy, split second height adjustments.

4-Section, Telescopic, High Strength, Non-Reflective Finish, Aluminum Tubing: (23” – 61”)

Integrated Ski-Tip with Basket:  For snow and ice applications, includes Protective Cap.

Rock Tip:  For normal rock and dirt applications.

Rubber Base Plate:  Non-Skid Base: Won’t slip or fall through treestand floors. Universal-Joint: Provides firm support at any angle.

Weight: 12 oz

Color:  Black

Part Number:  MP-131

Price in USD: $49.99 plus shipping


The LevelLok Shooting System Monopod come complete with Deluxe V-Cradle, Hiking Handle, Rubber Base Plate, and Rock and Field tip.
Price: $49.95

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